Universal Learning:

In Universal Learning, real-life explorations provide an overarching umbrella for learning, that allow experiences to be applied, which solidify the learnings that have occurred.


In Universal Learning, our guides introduce projects and explorations that engage students in activities and experiences that allow students to apply their skills and intelligence. Students are encouraged to think, try, examine, debate, contemplate, explore and do. Our Universal Learning classrooms, experience constant exploration and growth. This helps students develop mental mastery while transforming everyday learning into wisdom.

In creating this environment, teachers ensure that all learning experiences are Relatable, Applicable, Relevant, Engaging and Experiential (RAREE) © 2014

RARE(E) Explorations:

We have developed an educational program and curriculum that is innovative, project-based, and experiential. It’s a curriculum that provides real-world experience and exploration. We call this program RAREE Explorations.


Each of the English, Math, Science, and History, A-G required classes, and all elective classes, have been broken out into Explorations that allow the students to master standards through Explorations that are RARE(E): Relatable, Applicable, Relevant, Experiential, and Engaging.


Each Exploration will be based on an essential question that will drive the learning, experiences, and assignments. The Explorations will combine Project-Based and Experiential Learning to answer the essential question, and master the Common Core State Standards.


At the end of each quarter we will hold an Exhibition Night where all Explorations will showcase their work to an authentic audience of peers, parents, and community members.

Conscience and Intentional:

We recognize the significance that culture plays in creating this vision and therefore, our foundation is based in creating a conscious and intentional culture.


Integra provides a positive environment where students, teachers, and school staff honor the guiding values of mindfulness, freedom, authenticity, and safety. We believe that by rooting these values throughout the entire foundation, we establish a purposeful culture that permeates beyond the school.


In doing so, Integra creates a united culture, connecting the lives of our students with their families, community and school in a way that allows us to work harmoniously to make our mission a reality.

Growing the Family:

We are committed to growing the FAMILY, not just the child. We seek to create a united front in which the school and the home support the needs of the child and both entities work together to achieve this.


We recognize that inviting the connected family into the conversation is crucial to a student’s success and overall well-being. In addition, free workshops, focused on principles for living, are frequently available and offered to family members.

Flexible Learning Environment: 

We provide flexible classroom environments that cater to your learning needs and style. Teachers don't stand in front of the classroom and lecture all the time; students have a mix of one-on-one time, online learning, classroom instructions, making labs, and outdoor education. ​When we say "open-walled," we mean it. At Integra your learning is not bound by the typical school day or by the physical walls. We believe learning can happen anytime, anywhere.    

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